Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Why is it important?

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Safeguarding your website is paramount, especially for users with Editor-level access and beyond. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a second verification step.

You may be familiar with 2FA as a 6-digit code received via text message after entering your password into a website login form. Sometimes, that code is available in an application installed on your phone instead of a text message.

To set up 2FA on your website, explore our guide: 2FA - How to Activate

Why is 2FA Essential?

The absence of 2FA for backend users, particularly those with elevated roles like Admins, Shop Managers, and Editors, exposes them to significant risks in the event of hacking.

If you are still getting familiar with WordPress user role types, please read our article, User Roles, for more information.

The Editor role can edit all posts and pages on your website, creating the potential threat of injecting malicious code or deleting vital content across the entire site.

Having all the capabilities of an Editor, the Shop Manager poses an additional risk as they can manipulate user data, potentially compromising the website's integrity.

Elevating the stakes, an Admin, with authority over everything, including payment gateway settings, holds the power to wreak havoc on the entire online presence.

How often have friends fallen victim to hacking attempts, resulting in compromised email accounts sending out dubious gift card requests? Email breaches open the door to website vulnerabilities. 2FA serves as a robust shield against unauthorized access even if an Admin's personal email is compromised. In a digital landscape where security breaches are ubiquitous, investing a few seconds in 2FA is a small but powerful gesture toward fortifying the online presence against unforeseen adversities.

Securing your WordPress account with 2FA is crucial in mitigating these risks, fortifying your website against potential threats and ensuring a safer online experience for you and your users. Explore our guide on setting up 2FA for your website's backend user roles, 2FA - How to Activate.

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