2FA - How to Activate

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Two-Factor Authentication with Wordfence and Microsoft Authenticator

Ensuring the security of your WordPress website is crucial in today's digital landscape. One powerful measure to enhance security is two-factor authentication (2FA). If you're new to 2FA or want to understand its importance, check out our article, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Why is it important? before diving into the activation process.

All Beatha LLC-managed websites have Wordfence installed with 2FA, which we set as mandatory for admins. We recommend extending 2FA to Shop Managers and Editors—contact us at support@beathallc.com for assistance.

If you are unfamiliar with user roles, including terms like Admin, Shop Manager, and Editor, then read our article, User Roles, to learn more.

To activate 2FA, you must log in with a backend user role, which includes Admin, Shop Manager, Editor, and Author.

Activation Steps:

Login to Your WordPress Dashboard

If you need help logging in, visit our guide on logging into your website's backend.

Navigate to Wordfence 2FA Menu

Shop Managers, Editors, and Authors: Directly access "Login Security" if enabled for your role.

For Admins: Go to "Wordfence" and select "Login Security."

Generate QR Code or Key

The "Login Security" page displays a QR code and key.

Use Microsoft Authenticator App 

Download the Microsoft Authenticator app (available on Google/Android Play Store and Apple iOS App Store).

Open the app and press the 3-dots on Android or the plus symbol (+) on iOS.

Select "Other (Google, Facebook, etc.)" to activate the camera.

Scan QR Code or Enter Key

Scan the QR code on the "Login Security" page. Alternatively, manually enter the key beneath the QR code.

Retrieve 6-Digit Code

Microsoft Authenticator will present a 6-digit code.

Enter Code on Website

Input the code from the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device into "Enter Code from Authenticator" section of the "Login Security" page.

Click "Activate"

Click "Activate" after entering the code to complete the process.

Recovery Codes

Copy or download five recovery codes.

Each code is single-use and serves as a backup in case of device loss or access issues.

Safeguard these codes for future use.

Congratulations, you've successfully enabled 2FA for your WordPress account, significantly enhancing its security.

Now that 2FA is active refer to our guide on logging in securely.

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